Running Cake Pops!

For those in the Sandhurst area, on a week night you may see a bunch of crazy people running…….they will more than likely be Sandhurst Joggers, the local running club.

Between November & January, the Sandhurst Joggers find themselves once more competing in the Thames Valley Cross Country League. A season of races off road, normally between 5 – 6 miles, some very hilly, most very muddy. A number of clubs in the Thames Vallery area take part and most clubs ‘host’ one of the races.

As hosts, they are responsible for marking out the route, ensuring all the route is manned by marshals (often members of the club) and that First Aid is on site, as well as making sure water is at the end……and plenty of food!

Most members of the club supply donations of food, whether it is sandwiches or cakes, to feed the hungry runners after their gruelling effort. And the 25th November was no different! The Sandhurst Joggers route was a tough off road race, with many ‘puddles’ coming up to runners knees! The marshals and the volunteers did a stirling job, as did the Sandhurst Joggers that ran the course (the day after torrential rain, meaning it was muddy and slippery!).

So, Cake Bake POP thought all the Sandhurst Joggers that were involved in making the event happen deserved a treat……..Cake Pops in the club colours (red & white)! Think it was safe to say, they went down a treat while all the team had a well deserved glass of something cold after the event at Hawley Lake. With normal vanilla sponge and then either red or cream Candy Melts to coat, they provided a bit of sugar for the team after their efforts whether volunteering or running.

Huge congrats to all the Sandhurst Joggers for a fantastic event, and to all the runners for getting the team joint first! With 5 more races to go, all at Cake Bake POP know that the SJ’s can remain top! Here’s to winning again this year team!!!

Cake Bake POP




For more information on Sandhurst Joggers, visit


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